SpringSmash 2018 wraps up on a high note

The only thing brighter than the sunny sky was the mood on campus as SpringSmash 2018 kicked into high gear.

On May 24, the entire school was active and involved in a fun-filled day of sporting activities such as flag football, basketball, road hockey, ultimate Frisbee, soccer, and tchoukball. The ever-popular zorb balls were rolling around and also making a splash were the water slides, teacher dunk tank, and, for the first time, a water balloon battle.

Dining staff set up an amazing barbecue lunch outside the La Brier Family Arena and the appearance of a couple of ice cream trucks in the early afternoon sparked a rush of boys to line up for a treat.

In addition to the day of fun and games, today was the final push for donations in support of Jumpstart, which provides local children the opportunity to participate in sports they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford.

SpringSmash is an initiative of the grade 12 McEwen Leadership students, who launched the fundraiser back on April 13 and organized weekly events to publicize the cause. Under the direction of Course Director Sean Ludwig, the class runs SpringSmash like a corporation focused on procuring donations, offering athletic activities, and planning a fun wrap-up event featuring games and special events as incentives to participate.

"The event itself was a highlight of the year for many students, and the grade 12 McEwen Leadership students learned valuable business lessons and developed strong leadership skills throughout the planning and execution of the event," says Mr. Ludwig. 

As SpringSmash started this morning, the McEwen students were just shy of their goal of raising $30,000 this year. However, we are ecstatic to report that by the end of the event, the goal was surpassed! The fundraising initiative will continue until Monday, May 28: you can make a secure online donation here.

"It was very rewarding to see the entire SAC community come together to support the SpringSmash event and Jumpstart fundraising campaign. The impact of this campaign's success on families and their children in Aurora and Newmarket will be significant, and everyone should be very proud of their efforts to support the Jumpstart mission," says Mr. Ludwig.

SpringSmash is in its eighth year and in the first seven years a total of $130,000 was raised in support of local youth.  

Story by Julie Caspersen
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