SLAMFest takes over Wirth Theatre

Six boys faced off in a spoken word battle in front of their peers and a panel of judges this week.

SLAMFest 2018 brought out the passion in poetry in Wirth Theatre on May 22. As emcee Saajan Sethi said: “We’re hungry for poetry!”

Saajan, in grade 12, was winner of last year’s SLAMFest. He introduced the six competitors, all grade 11 poetry students – one elected per class.

This is the 13th year for SLAMFest and according to the judges, one of the most difficult to judge as all competitors grabbed attention with their words and their dynamic deliveries.

Votes were tallied according to slam poetry rules (each poem receives a score on a scale of 0 to 10; the highest and lowest scores are dropped and the middle five are kept).

Coming in third was Graham Stanley-Paul for his take on being real; second place went to Evgeny Makeshin for his poem on the value of family; and Axel Ravera was declared winner (and next year’s emcee) for his piece on kindness. If you think these poetic themes seem cheery and light, the boys were passionate and provocative in their performances, punctuating their words with gestures and inviting their audience to participate through emotion.

The Top 3 won cash prizes courtesy of the Parents Guild and the three remaining contestants walked away with gifts of candy.
Story by Julie Caspersen
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