McEwen Leadership case study competitors put best foot forward

On Monday, May 7, the brightest business minds from the grade 10 Introduction to Business (BBI2O) class sections competed in the finals of the McEwen Leadership Case Study Competition.
The competition marked the culmination of a year-long business leadership program at St. Andrew's in which the grade 10 students have acquired a variety of leadership skills and put them into practice by applying their skills to several business curriculum concepts. Throughout the school year, the students learned to solve business problems concerning marketing, entrepreneurship, innovation, human resources, and social responsibility by utilizing the case study approach to problem-solving. 
The final stage of the case study process featured a summative project in which each group acted as a consulting company and recommended several strategies related to the successful launch, branding, and marketing of a new athletic footwear product into the Toronto market. From each of the five class sections, one student group qualified to compete in the finals of the McEwen Leadership Case Study Competition.
The final competition was held in Towers Library and the members of each finalist group presented their case study solution to an audience that included fellow grade 10 business finalists as well as a judging panel. The judging panel featured Arima Ventin (executive director, market access, pricing and government relations at Allergan), Peter Ventin (vice-president, Canada at GEI Consultants Inc.), and Alison Boyd (uwner and managing director of the Gibson Group).
Each group was judged on their ability to present a professional, feasible, and creative marketing plan for their basketball shoe product. In the end, the judges were extremely impressed by the ability of the students to address real-world business issues with great depth and insight. Mrs. Ventin commented, “We all remarked on how well spoken the students were and how easily they were able to convey their thoughts in a high-pressure environment. All boys appeared very comfortable and confident while handling the many questions that thrown at them. These skills were certainly serve them well in years to come.”
Afterwards, the judges gave some general feedback and career advice to the students. “When we are hiring new employees, we are looking for young people who are willing to learn and who are adaptable to new situations. Make sure you continue to work on your ability to work well with others and collaborate. We can teach you the technical information about our product after we hire you,” Mr. Ventin advised.
Congratulations are extended to this year's championship group. The judges were won over by the creative strength of this team that was able to take the individualism that youth crave today, while combining a sense of belonging to tap into something current and potentially engaging.  Their use of an experiential campaign, while risky, shows a boldness that is required in business today. 
Custom Z - Case Study Competition Champions
Cameron Butler
Ali Habib
Richard Liu
Owen Shuttleworth
Congratulations all of this year's participants. The judges were impressed with their ideas, especially their product innovation.
Psychic Carnage
Andrew O'Hare
Christian D'Alessandro
Jack Bar
Jonathan Gagnon
Nolan Michelberger
Michael Hanrahan
Lucas Chew
Tyler Chan
Jacky Kwok
Ethan Joiner
Arthur Wang
Chris Yi
XL Consultants
Daniel Svirsky
Tony Li
Frankie Carogioiello
Ethan Ritchie
In addition, five members of the BBI2O classes have been named to the grade 10 McEwen Leadership All-Star Team in recognition of their exceptional business knowledge and leadership potential. These students will be presented with the opportunity to attend the Ontario Educational Leadership Centre (OELC) during the summer. The students will be able to participate in a course in either secondary athletics, arts, or music leadership. More information about the OELC can be found here.
Congratulations to the following students who have been named to the grade 10 McEwen Leadership All-Star Team:
Davide Zadra
Guanchen Pan
Andrew Kraik
James Anderson
Evgeny Makeshin
Congratulations to all participants in the grade 10 McEwen Leadership Program for an excellent year of case-study problem solving!
Story by Sean Ludwig
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