Introducing the Prefects for 2018-2019

The Prefects for the 2018-2019 school year at St. Andrew’s College have been named.

It was a standing-room-only crowd in Ketchum Auditorium during the full-school assembly this morning.

Headmaster Kevin McHenry commended the 48 boys who put their names forward to serve as Prefect, one of the most challenging forms of leadership in the School.

The selection process is a rigorous one that included a blind review of resumes and interviews. 
After Upper School students, staff, and faculty cast their ballots, 11 boys were chosen from the slate of worthy candidates.

With the current Prefects on stage, one by one the newly elected Prefects were called forward by Headmaster McHenry. He read portions of the boys’ applications letters and highlighted their amazing achievements so far during the SAC career.

The new Prefects were each handed their Prefect Tie by one of the outgoing Prefects and the new panel stood shoulder to shoulder on stage as the rest of the School applauded.

“Congratulations to all the boys who are the new Prefects, our outgoing Prefects, the boys who put their names forward to become Prefects – I expect you to become leaders in some capacity next year,” Headmaster McHenry said.

SAC’s 2018-2019 Prefects:
Willem Grier, Head Prefect
Campbell Clarke, Deputy Head Prefect
Alexander Smith
Alastair Binnendyk
Ryan Sutherland-Pace
Osher Lee
Noah Hulton
Jalen Gu
Andrew Boland
Graham Cassar ( not pictured in photo)
Eugene Lee
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