Human Library Project worth checking out!

Like books, humans contain a multitude of stories. Each one is personal and unique.
In an effort to share these stories and create empathy and understanding of others, the
SAC Students for Social Justice presentings The Human Library Project.
This project takes place during the Focus Festival, an annual celebration of the arts at SAC, which continues until Friday, May 4. (Please see our story and link to the full schedule here.)
The Human Library Project is a collaborative experience to which students, faculty, and staff were invited to "check out" a human "book." This entails sitting down with another person and having a conversation.
This year's theme is Learning New Perspectives: Dialogues of Courage, Tolerance, and Change. 
Each participant in our human library can be checked out, like a book, for 15 minutes of one-on-one time. Hear a story, share an insight, and gain perspective.
The Human Library took place Thursday, May 3 at lunch and continues Friday, May 4 in Towers Library. 
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