German Trivia Game wraps up with pizza party

Middle School students wrapped up the German Trivia Game after answering 140 questions about 10 topics related to Germany, including geography, culture, music, sports, and migration.

The students formed 13 teams and the Top 3 teams at each day of the competition enjoyed German treats such as Milka or Rittersport chocolate, or Haribo Gummibears! 

The highest scoring team, Borussa Dortmund, answered the most questions correctly and received a certificate at a recent Middle School Assembly. 
Many thanks to the students in my German class for coming out to each event, especially to grade 10 student, Oskar von Massenbach, for helping to organize the Games.

Also, thank you to Mr. Kyle, Ms Rose-Donahoe, and Mrs. D’Angelo for supporting the event, which is now in its second year.
Danke and congratulations to all participating teams: Borussa Dortmund, Flammenwerfer, Günther, Wir sind Brot, Mercedes-Benz, Auf Wiedersehen, Sauerkraut, Foxy Germans, GUSI Team, Wienerschnitzel, Stuttgart, Nein, and AUDI!

German Trivia Game participants were treated to a pizza lunch on April 27. 

Story by Nicole Nascimento
Teacher, Modern Languages Department
St. Andrew's College
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