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Revving up for SpringSmash 2018

Helping Aurora children take their dream to a team is the goal of SpringSmash 2018, a fundraiser organized and run by grade 12 McEwen Leadership students.
SpringSmash will be launched at a full school assembly on April 13. One of the objectives of the annual initiative is to fundraise for the Jumpstart charity. Every dollar raised goes toward providing opportunities for children in Aurora to participate in sport and other extra-curricular activities they might not otherwise be able to afford.
The second element to SpringSmash is a celebratory sports tournament and festival that brings together the complete Andrean community in a playful atmosphere on Thursday, May 24.
Jumpstart’s mandate is to give kids a sporting chance. The charity’s mission is to ensure that no child should be left simply dreaming about playing on a sports team. However, in Canada, one in three families cannot afford to enrol their kids in organized sports. That’s nearly 750,000 kids each year who want to play, but don’t have the means.
Students at SAC are fortunate to be able to participate in a wide variety of sports, arts, music, and other extra-curricular programs. Fundraising in support of Jumpstart allows SAC students to give back to the community. The fundraising goal for the entire student body is $30,000 and every $100 raised will give one child in Aurora a chance to participate in a sport of their choice.
Donations can be made in person by filling out the available pledge forms located in the Staunton Gallery and Reception and returning them to the donation boxes at Reception. Alternatively, donations can be made at this link.
The grade 12 McEwen Leadership students would like to extend a sincere thank you in advance to all members of the SAC community who help us reach our goal.
Story by Quest Rodin



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