The Prefect's Award - First Football - Most Valuable Player

Historical Note: The First Football M.V.P. Trophy was originally given by the Prefects of 1951-52.
Thirty three years later it was retired.
The 1951-52 Prefect's Award
1984-85S.D. Omstead, B.M. Kelly 
1983-84S.D. Omstead 
1982-83M.D. Hawley, R.J. Heimbecker 
1981-82K.P. Mewhirter 
1980-81B.D. Ruhl 
1979-80G.M. JacksonChampions I.S.A.A.
1978-79G.A. BaunChampions I.S.A.A.
1977-78G.A. Baun 
1976-77G.L. Pugh 
1975-76E.D. AndrewChampions I.S.A.A.
1974-75E.D. Andrew 
1973-74P.D. HuttonCoach Gordon E. Ackerman 1973-1994
1972-73P.R. Calverley 
1971-72R.J. McCombe 
1970-71J.V. Sara, P.J. Higgins 
1969-70B.R. Christie, P.G. Kitchen 
1968-69J.M. JacksonCoaches G.R.Smith, R.D.Kinney 1969-1972
1967-68K.H. Woods 
1966-67Not Awarded 
1965-66J.D. McKeen 
1964-65R.S. SpragueCoach Gary B. West 1965-1968
1963-64R.H. Garvie 
1962-63The Whole First TeamChampions I.S.A.A
1961-62M.B. Sommerville 
1960-61H.D. Routledge 
1959-60C.E. Chapple 
1958-59E.G. Wood, W.J.C. Murray 
1957-58R.R. Manning, P.R.C. Dobbin 
1956-57G.D. Muirhead 
1955-56R.F. Keith 
1954-55W.P.G. Robertson 
1953-54C.K. Willoughby 
1952-53J.M. VaughanCoach J. Aubrey Holmes 1948-1964
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