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Applying to University

The Application Process: An Overview

St. Andrew's students often decide to apply to universities not only within Ontario, but in other Canadian provinces, the U.S., and abroad. Each of these has distinctly different processes and requirements for planning and applying. While all applications are submitted during their final year, students must pay close attention to the specific requirements and deadlines of each university to which he is applying. 

During the fall term, the University Counselling Office hosts individual information sessions from U.S. colleges and U.K. universities. A Canadian Universities’ Fair where students can meet admission representatives from coast to coast is held each fall. Additionally, we offer trips to Canadian and U.S. universities for students to have an opportunity to interview and tour the campuses. University Counselling prepares calendars and weekly reminders throughout the year to remind students of upcoming dates and deadlines. Parents can also access this information in the weekly A Look Ahead e-newsletter.
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