For 10 days in June, 25-40 SAC students have the opportunity to embark on what many have called the “trip of a lifetime.” The Department of History & Social Sciences organizes a tour of the First and Second World Wars to remember the young men who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. They walk the sacred grounds of battle, lay wreaths, and hold services in remembrance of the fallen, gaining a better appreciation of the finality of conflict and the role Canadians played in the bloodiest wars in human history.

This trip provided far more than just a sightseeing opportunity for the students. It is sometimes very difficult to fully comprehend the sacrifice that soldiers made to ensure our freedom, not to mention the numerous Andreans who paid the ultimate sacrifice during the World Wars. Having the opportunity to visit these battlegrounds to pay tribute to our fallen is an experience that will never be forgotten by all those fortunate enough to go on the tour. -- Mr. Jamie Inglis ’91, Department of Science.

 “It was very moving to realize my relative was among all those people who gave up their lives, their futures, so we could have a future," said grade 10 student Graeme upon finding the name of his great great uncle, William E. Neil, engraved on the Vimy Memorial monument.
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