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Intended for students who wish to further their French language study while appreciating francophone culture around the world, the Extended French program challenges students’ knowledge, language skills, cultural understanding, and world experience through an exciting combination of study, field trips, and trips abroad.

Smaller class sizes, additional exposure to the French language, opportunities for French exchanges and immersion trips all make this an exciting course of study.

After completing seven credits (four French language classes and three courses taught in French), students will receive a Ministry of Education Certificate in Extended French.

Students entering St. Andrew's after Grade 9 may join the Extended French program provided they have sufficient and appropriate credits. Full participation in the program is an expectation.

Program Overview

Grade 9
  • FEF1D – Extended French
  • TDJ2OF – Technological Design
Grade 10
  • FEF2D – Extended French
  • CHC2DF – Canadian History since World War I
Grade 11
  • FEF3U – Extended French
  • EPS3OF - Presentation and Speaking Skills
Grade 12
  • FEF4UP – Extended French (Advanced Placement) 
When studying languages, each student must have the opportunity to test their language skills in an authentic environment. Travel, culture, and language exposure all contribute significantly to greater learning opportunities and life experiences.

To supplement our vibrant Extended French program, each student will have the opportunity to travel within Canada and overseas. Trips will be open to Upper School students enrolled in Extended French, though for some classes, the trip may be considered a mandatory part of the program. 

  • St. Donat, Quebec: Offered annually, usually in early February. (Mandatory for all Grade 10s)
  • France: Offered every three years, early to mid-June, post-exams (open to Extended French Students in Grades 9, 10, and 11) Next proposed trip: June 2022

Students enrolled in the Extended French program are expected to participate in at least one trip before graduation.

The goal of the program is to equip graduates with the ability to communicate naturally in French using a wide range of skills. As with any academic endeavour, the personalities and abilities of students will have an impact on individual outcomes. If you would like your son to be enrolled in this program, please contact Carolyn Bilton, Co-ordinator of the Extended French program, or Michael Paluch, Assistant Head of School, Academics; admission is selective as there is a limited class capacity.
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