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Fulford League History

Established in 1948 by his widow in memory of George Fulford, distinguished Canadian jurist and senator who died in the late 1940s;
  • for the first 30 years the Fulford League consisted of the original "Little Big Four" (St. Andrew's College, Upper Canada College, Trinity College School, and Bishop Ridley College) plus the University of Toronto Schools (UTS);
  • in the late 70's two additional schools petitioned the league to be included: Appleby College and Lakefield College School;
  • Mr. Rupert Ray (SAC Faculty member from 1966-2001) was the first official league President from 1980-1983, during which time membership grew from seven to seventeen schools (today there are 21 Ontario independent school members) – a period of quantum growth which brought in all the girls’ and many of the coed schools.
  • three tournaments per year in the fall, winter and spring;
  • Junior (grades 9 & 10) trophy called the Bryan Jones Trophy, in memory of a Lakefield College student who before his sudden death had shown himself to be a true friend of debate in the tradition of Senator Fulford. Consequently a silver trophy was crafted in Bryan’s name to be competed for by debaters in the junior and intermediate levels.
  • Senior (grades 11 & 12) trophy called Fulford League Senior Trophy; and
  • Coaches' Cup awarded to school that amasses highest overall rankings in two out of three Fulford tournaments in a school year.
*Compiled by Rupert Ray who taught English and coached Debating at SAC from 1966-2001.
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