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St. Andrew’s has a long and successful history of competitive debate. Every Thursday after school during ACPlus, Upper School students meet to develop their public speaking skills, practice impromptu, extemporaneous, and persuasive speeches, and prepare and present parliamentary- and cross-examination-style debates. The school runs a beginner and competitive session. 
Students chosen to represent the school in local, provincial, national, and international tournaments meet for additional practice sessions in the months leading up to tournaments and competitions. In recent years, the team has enjoyed achievements in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Brisbane, Australia, Boston, London, England, Cape Town, and Montreal. In 2006, SAC hosted the IISPSC, an international tournament. Our most recent highlight was a provincial championship title in 2022. 
St. Andrew’s has been a member of the Fulford League since its inception and competes three times yearly in this provincial tournament. This involves travelling to Ontario independent schools and hosting tournaments in-house.
Other annual events in which we participate include the St. Clement’s Invitational, the International Independent Schools Public Speaking Championships, the Country Day School’s Public Speaking Competition, and Branksome Hall’s Nora McRae Public Speaking Tournament.
 For the last several years, the Middle School has enjoyed an exciting Public Speaking Competition each spring, in addition to Debate and Public Speaking as one of many extra-curricular offerings within the Wednesday Arts program.
If you wish to join our Debate Club, please email the Debate coach, Ms. Emily Philp-Tsujiuchi.
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