School Hymn 

(tune: Ellacombe 7 6 7 6 D.)

Lift up your heads, ye gates of brass;
Ye bars of iron, yield;
And let the King of Glory pass;
The Cross is in the field.
That banner, brighter than the star
That leads the train of night,
Shines on their march, and guides from far
His servants to the fight.
Then fear not, faint not, halt not now;
Quit ye like men, be strong;
To Christ shall all the nations bow
And sing the triumph song/
Uplifted are the gates of brass,
The bars of iron yield;
Behold the King of Glory pass;
The Cross hath won the field.

(Notice that line two of the second verse is the School Motto.)
Junior Boys: Tuesday 8:15-8:30
Senior Boys: Thursday 10:45-11:10
Mr. Dave Stewart

Mrs. Jane Bedard
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The Rev. Bruce J. Roffey 
2002 - 2018
The Rev. Robert J. Arril 
1988 - 2002
The Rev. Robert W. Meagher
1972 - 1987
The Rev. W. Clair Woodbury
1969 - 1971
The Rev. Dr. John M. Wilkie
1966 - 1969
The Headmaster was the Chaplain until 1966
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