Chapel services are community events requiring a standard of deportment based on respect for self and for others. Students are asked to demonstrate attentiveness, politeness, and appropriate regard for the values and convictions of their peers, members of staff, and guests.

All students must attend Chapel when scheduled to do so. The steeple bell for Chapel rings 10 minutes before the service is to commence.

The following guidelines are an important part of the St. Andrew's tradition:
  • An awareness of both the dignity of the Chapel and the rights of fellow students requires mature and disciplined behaviour. The Chapel is pre-eminently a place for meditation. The Chapel is a memorial to Andreans who gave their lives in the two World Wars.
  • Maturity and good judgment are shown by participating in the singing of the hymns.
  • Punctuality is politeness.
  • The hymn books are school property and should be treated accordingly.
  • School Prefects are responsible for the deportment and atmosphere within the Chapel. Students have a responsibility to respect the Prefects in ensuring an appropriate atmosphere within the Chapel.
  • Students enter and leave the Chapel in an orderly manner as dictated by the School Prefects.
  • The moment a student enters the Chapel, silence is an expectation.
  • Attention to the speaker is an essential mark of respect. 
Junior Boys: Tuesday 8:15-8:30
Senior Boys: Thursday 10:45-11:10
Mr. Dave Stewart

Mrs. Jane Bedard
Phone: 905.727.3178 Ext.260
The Rev. Bruce J. Roffey 
2002 - 2018
The Rev. Robert J. Arril 
1988 - 2002
The Rev. Robert W. Meagher
1972 - 1987
The Rev. W. Clair Woodbury
1969 - 1971
The Rev. Dr. John M. Wilkie
1966 - 1969
The Headmaster was the Chaplain until 1966
St. Andrew's College
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