Excerpts from Sunday Evenings at St. Andrew's College

The Rev. D. Bruce Macdonald, SAC’s second Headmaster (1900-1935), compiled a selection of Chapel addresses delivered to his students over his more than 35 years as Headmaster. The advice and inspiration revealed in Dr. Macdonald’s book, Sunday Evenings at St. Andrew’s College, has remarkable congruency, applicability, and timelessness to today’s Chapel lessons given by the Rev. Bruce Roffey, SAC faculty, students, and guest speakers.

On Character, Dr. Macdonald wrote:
“In the last analysis, your success or failure in life, the position of worth which you may occupy in the world, your possession of happiness, your power of service and achievement will depend upon the quality of the character which you slowly develop as day follows day.”

On Leadership, Dr. Macdonald wrote:
“Indeed the influence of the Upper School on the Lower must always be great, even if the youngsters are only allowed to look on. Therefore, set a pace worthwhile, you older boys, since the hope of the future must always rest in the generation coming on.”

On Learning, Dr. Macdonald wrote:
“You are at school not merely to learn of books, to go from Form to Form, and finally to matriculate. You are here not only to play football or whatever game it may be. These things are very good in themselves, but, if you are wise, you will regard them as but means to a greater end.”
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