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List of 17 frequently asked questions.

  • What is the aim of the Canadian Cadet movement?

    To develop leadership and good citizenship, promote physical fitness, and stimulate an interest in the Canadian Forces. This does not however mean a commitment to join the Reserves or Regular Forces after Cadets.
  • How long have Cadets been at St. Andrew’s College?

    The Cadet program at SAC started in 1905 and today is the largest Cadet Corps in the country.
  • Why does St. Andrew’s have a Cadet program?

    Over the years, the Cadet program at SAC has served many purposes, often based on the needs of our country and community at the time. Today, the most significant role of the program is its contribution to the development of leadership skills and knowledge and the practical opportunities it provides in this regard.

    Our Corp’s mission statement expands on the role: “The Cadet Corps will be an integral part of St. Andrew’s College life, operating in a manner that supports and complements the School’s mission and goals by providing a high quality and relevant program that:
    • Emphasizes leadership and teamwork, while offering skill options based on personal interests
    • Focuses on learning by doing
    • Is supported by sufficient and qualified staff and instructors
    • Seeks opportunities to test and recognize Cadet skills and knowledge by participating in organized competitions both inside and outside the Cadet movement
    • Recognizes both individual and group achievement.”
  • Who runs our Cadet program?

    The program is delivered under the leadership of Major Brian McCue, CD. Major McCue is a trained member of the Cadet Instructors Cadre of the Canadian Forces Reserves.

    The Piping & Drumming program is coordinated by Mr. Jim McGillivray, who has a very distinguished career as a piping competitor and teacher. Ms. Sandi Chasson is the Director of the Military Band. Mr. Jamie Inglis ’94 is the Band Officer.

    A large number of other faculty, staff, and specialists from outside SAC also provide extensive support to the Cadet program throughout the year. However, one of the strengths of the progam is that senior Cadets provide much of the leadership and daily instruction under the guidance of adult staff.
  • What is our relationships to the 48th Highlanders of Canada?

    Since 1905, the 48th Highlanders has served as our affiliated unit. This means they provide us with support in our training whenever possible and we have adopted their Highland uniforms and traditions. We also participate periodically with them on ceremonial occasions such as the Regimental Remembrance Day Parade.

    Many students, whom over the years have chosen to join the militia, have joined the 48th Highlanders of Canada.
  • What is the expectation of students?

    All students in grade 8 and above are required to participate in the Cadet program each week, either in the Star Training, Music program, as a Staff Cadet Instructor, Training Support NCO, or in a senior leadership role. (For more on the training programs, see below).

    Cadets are also required to participate in the Annual Church Parade, Headmaster’s Parade, and Annual Inspection.
  • What opportunities do the Cadet program at SAC offer?

    The foundation is the Cadet Star Training program, which has four progressive levels know as Green, Red, Silver, and Gold Star. All grade 8 students participate in the Green Star program to ensure they have received training in the basic skills required to be an effective member of the Corps. In grade 9, students may audition to be a member of the Pipes & Drums or the Wind Ensemble. Cadets interested in achieving a senior position in the Corps are encouraged to complete the Master Cadet program conducted annually during the winter term. This level of certification is the highest level of training offered nationally.

    Optional programs include a variety of skills training such as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, rock climbing, Scuba diving qualifications, driver education, lifesaving, and first aid training. Opportunities also exist to participate in the Quartermaster Stores and on the Public Affairs team. Cadets may tryout for our Marksmanship team and Biathlon team, which compete in area, regional, and national-level competitions.

    The Cadet Music program includes one the best Cadet pipe bands in the country. Cadets may start in the piping or drumming program as early as grade 5 as part of the Middle School Arts program. There is a small fee for use of the instruments. The Wind Ensemble generally accepts members in grade 9 and up.

    Both the Wind Ensemble and the Pipes & Drums use a five-level Cadet music qualification standard through which participants progress and are the basis for promotion within the music programs.

    Can I achieve a high school credit for Cadet Training?
    The training program at #142 Army Cadet Corps combines the elements of the national army cadet training program and the Ministry of Education course GPP30 Leadership and Peer Support. The program begins in grade 9 with the Red Star program entitled “Leadership and Discovery.” Cadets learn outdoor field skills, complete their Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Award, and complete leadership modules dealing with self-discovery and building confidence.

    In grade 10, the Cadets complete the Silver Star program entitled “Leadership and Challenge.” At this level, the Cadets focus on military skills and challenge themselves in team activities such as rock wall and high ropes course. Leadership modules focus on understanding others and working effectively in a team environment.

    The Gold Star program entitled “Leadership in Action” completes the three-year credit in grade 11. This program teaches the Cadets how to be an effective leader and instructor through practical applications. Each Cadet creates, develops, and implements a major leadership project in a team environment. In addition, Cadets are taught how to create effective lesson plans and must deliver a classroom drill lesson.
  • Does this course affect my school average?

    In grade 9, assessments for the GPP30 program will be conducted periodically; however, the mark will not affect the Cadet’s academic average. A mark and comment will appear in the anecdotal box of the report. In grade 10, a mark will affect the student’s average beginning in term 3 of the program. In grade 11, the marks will also appear in the report as per any other course and will affect the overall average of the report.
  • Can I achieve a credit if I enter the school in grade 10 or 11?

    Yes. Cadets entering the School in grade 10 or 11 can achieve the GPP30 credit by participating in all events and completing the leadership modules from pervious levels.
  • Do we recognize previous Cadet qualifications?

    Yes. Confirmation of such qualifications from your previous unit will be requested. Those with sea, air, or other Cadet qualifications will be assessed to determine the appropriate equivalencies and rank.
  • When is the Cadet program conducted?

    During the fall and winter terms, the Cadet program is conducted each Thursday afternoon from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m., unless otherwise indicated. During the spring term, Cadets run on scheduled days during the week until the Annual Inspection. The parade and sports practice schedules are posted on the School’s website calendar. Parents are asked to avoid scheduling appointments or tutoring during Cadet training, as all students are expected to attend. Other activities including Duke of Edinburgh’s Award expeditions, weekend field training, competitions, and shooting practices are conducted at other times of the week and on weekends; advance notice is given of these events.
  • What if the uniform and is it provided or purchased?

    The formal Cadet uniform is based on that of the 48th Highlanders and has been our dress uniform for most of the years since 1905. It includes a kilt of modern Gordon tartan, sporran, a red tunic, white belt, parade boots, white spats, hose tops, garter tabs, and a Glengarry headdress (and feather bonnets for the Pipes & Drums).

    The uniform costs more than $1,500 and is loaned to each Cadet for the duration of their Cadet service. Cadets will only be charged for clothing that is not returned or with late return fees.

    In addition to the dress uniform, each Cadet is required to purchase a Cadet T-shirt for wear during Thursday training. Cadet Officers must purchase the Cadet Officer tie. Cadet sweaters must be purchased by Staff Cadets and Officers and are optional for all ranks during the winter/spring terms. All items can be purchased from the Campus Shop or the Cadet Quartermaster Stores.
  • How are Cadet appointments and promotions made?

    Junior promotions are primarily based on qualifications. A fixed number of senior appointments are also based on minimum qualifications; however, since there are often more qualified Cadets than positions available, demonstrated and potential leadership skills and general participation in the Cadet program and general school life will be taken into consideration.
  • What events can parents attend?

    Parents are invited to attend several functions usually in April and May of each year. These include the Celtic Concert, Church Parade, Headmaster’s Parade, and the Annual Inspection.

    The specific dates and times for these events are included on the School calendars and website.
  • What is the Annual Inspection?

    The Annual Inspection is the ceremonial culmination of the regular Cadet training year and highlight of the School calendar. The colourful parade is inspected by a guest Reviewing Officer who then takes the salute on various march pasts. These are followed by demonstrations of various elements of our program including a special performance by our Pipes & Drums. The afternoon, attended by hundreds of parents, Old Boys, and guests of the School, is concluded with the presentation of awards and recognition of outstanding Cadet service. A reception is held following the parade.
  • Are there opportunities to attend Cadet summer camps?

    The regional Cadet training program conducts a variety of summer training programs ranging from two to six weeks for which a training allowance is provided to the Cadet. Further information is available each spring from the Cadet office.

    Summer employment opportunities are also available for experienced pipers and drummers at the Citadel in Halifax, Nova Scotia, or at Parliament Hill with the Ceremonial Guard.
  • What if I have other questions about the Cadet program?

    You can reach the SAC Cadet office at 905-727-3178, ext. 298 for general enquiries. For questions about the Piping and Drumming program, please call Jim McGillivray at ext. 243. You can also visit our the Cadet page on our the SAC website for further information. 

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