Sifton House

Built in the 1960s, Sifton House was the last Upper School boarding residence to be added to St. Andrew's College, and initially served as the infirmary and cafeteria for the School. As the demand for boarding grew, the building was converted into Fourth House in 1962 as the last of the original Upper School houses (the first three being Flavelle, Memorial, and Ramsey, the original house for day boys).

In 1984, the Housemaster's residence was added (previously, he and his family lived in a set of residence rooms), and Fourth House was renamed Sifton House to honour the Sifton family's many contributions to the School. 

Today, Sifton House is home to 60 Upper School students (grades 9-12), an Assistant Housemaster, and Resident Don. Sifton has more than 30 rooms, a common room with LCD TV, and students from across Canada and around the world.

Clan: Stewart

Keith Ramon
Office: (905) 727-3178 ext. 264
Cell: (905) 717-8763

Assistant Housemaster
Anthony Gilroy
Office: (905) 727-3178

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