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Below is a list of the Advanced Placements courses offered at St. Andrew’s College.
English *
  • AP English Language and Composition, Grade 11 (ENG3UP) 
  • AP English Literature and Composition, Grade 12 (ENG4UP)
* Students registered in the AP Capstone program take AP English in grade 11 and 12
  • AP French Language and Culture, Grade 12 (FEF4UP)
  • AP German Language and Culture, Grade 12 (LWGDU)
  • AP Calculus, Grade 12 (IDC4UP)
  • AP Statistics, Grade 12 (MDM4UP) 
  • AP Chemistry, Grade 12(SCH4UP) *
  • AP Biology, Grade 12 (SBI4UP)
* AP Chemistry is a two-year program; students start in grade 11
Canadian and World Studies
  • AP Microeconomics, Grade 11(CIE3MP)
  • AP United States History, Grade 11 (CHA3UP)
  • AP Comparative Government and Politics, Grade 12 (CPW4UP) 
  • AP Human Geography, Grade 12 (CGU4MP)
  • AP Macroeconomics, Grade 12 (CIA4UP)
Social Sciences and the Humanities
  • AP Capstone Seminar, Grade 11 (HSB4UP)
  • AP Capstone Research, Grade 12 (IDP4UP)
Technology Education/Graphic Communication
  • AP Computer Science Principles, Grade 11 (ICS3U & TEJ3M) *
  • AP Computer Science A, Grade 12 (ICS4UP)
*Students registered in Computer Science (ICS3U) and Computer Engineering (TEJ3M) courses prepare to write the Computer Science Principles exam.
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