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Canadian and World Studies courses in the Upper School enable students to become responsible, active citizens within the diverse communities to which they belong. They also enable students to explore fundamental questions and ideas about human nature and the human condition.
Courses are designed to assist students in developing a sense of place (What is where, why there, and why care?), developing a sense of time (Who are we? Who came before us? How have we changed?), developing a sense of responsibility (Where do I belong? How can I contribute?), and developing a sense of fairness and justice (What are our rights and responsibilities? How does society create its rules? What structures can people use to address conflict?)
Students have the option of taking courses within the categories of geography, history, law, politics, and social sciences and humanities.

Please click here for a detailed description of all courses on our Course Calendar.

List of 12 members.

  • Photo of Carolyn Bilton

    Carolyn Bilton 

    Head of Modern Languages
    (905) 727-3178 x436
  • Photo of Joe Commisso

    Joe Commisso 

    Head of Laidlaw House
    (905) 727-3178 x458
  • Photo of Kyle Fraser-Shoemaker

    Kyle Fraser-Shoemaker 

    Assistant Head of Macdonald House, Faculty
  • Photo of David Joiner

    David Joiner 

    Canadian and World Studies Department Head
  • Photo of Chet Kaloti

    Chet Kaloti 

    905-727-3178 ext. 339
  • Photo of Ben Kitagawa

    Ben Kitagawa 

    (905) 727-3178 x406
  • Photo of Jeff LaForge

    Jeff LaForge 

    Head of World Studies
    (905) 727-3178 x462
  • Photo of Lucas Madill

    Lucas Madill 

    Athletic Wellness
    (905) 727-3178 x464
  • Photo of Angus Murray

    Angus Murray 

    Outdoor and Experiential Education
  • Photo of Steve Rush

    Steve Rush 

    Director of Information Technology, Head of Computer Science
    (905) 727-3178 x265
  • Photo of Christopher St-Cyr

    Christopher St-Cyr 

    Faculty, Assistant Housemaster - Sifton House
  • Photo of David Stewart

    David Stewart 

    Associate Director, Upper School, Student Affairs
    (905) 727-3178 x424
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