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It is an understatement to say that computer engineering and information technology are rapidly-changing fields.

Our department strives to deliver a program that keeps pace with the industry and the science that makes this area such a challenging and rewarding field to work in. Our students benefit by learning at the leading edge, and they often report back that they discovered they were well prepared for study at the university level.

Our courses aim to prepare students for success in further studies in Computer Science and/or Computer Engineering at the university level. The rigour of these courses is evidenced by the fact that in Grade 11, students who take both Computer Science and Computer Engineering courses are eligible for an AP credit in Computer Science Principles, while students in the Grade 12 Computer Science course are eligible for the AP Computer Science credit. 

The Grade 11 Computer Engineering students compete in RoboCup Junior and have consistently qualified to represent Canada at the world championships for the last decade. The Grade 12 computer engineering students have produced university-level robots and devices such as vision assistance devices for the blind, prosthetic limbs that sense muscle contraction, drones, wifi robots with audio/video transmission, and devices worthy of entrepreneur fairs. Computer Science and Computer Engineering are thriving at St. Andrew’s.

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  • Photo of Terry Prezens

    Terry Prezens 

    Head of Computer Science, Engineering Course Director
    (905) 727-3178 x411
  • Photo of Meera Balendran

    Meera Balendran 

    Maker Educator Specialist, Assistant Head of Macdonald House
  • Photo of Lawrence DeMello

    Lawrence DeMello 

    (905) 727-3178 x454
  • Photo of Emilia Macdonald

    Emilia Macdonald 

  • Photo of Camille McCluskey

    Camille McCluskey 

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