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  • Isabelle Cockshutt Prize
  • The Macdonald Medal
  • Andrew Armstrong Prize
  • Stuart B. Wood Prize
  • Robertson Laidlaw Trophy
  • Brooks Cup
  • Jim Herder Review Prize
  • The R.R. McLaughlin Science Prize
  • Heather Inglis Memorial
  • B.R. Mitchell Trophy
  • Errington Awards
  • Dr. T.A. Hockin Trophy
  • Christopher Ball Prize
  • Lehockey Prize
  • Colonel F.A. Tilston Awards
  • Craig Leslie Award
  • Craig Mitchell Prize
  • Bruce B. King Memorial Prize
  • Roy H.M. Lowndes Prize
  • Gilbert deB. Robinson Prize
  • Stein Family Award
  • Professor Donald B. Spence Prize
  • David B. Somerville Memorial Music Prize
  • Harry E. Goodman Prize
  • Michael Family History Prize
  • Stephen J. Suarez Economics Prize
  • C.M. Foster Prize
  • Magee Family Music Prize
  • Robert W. Meagher Fund
  • James A. Ballard Memorial Fund
  • Justin Ross Scott Memorial Prize
  • The Ron Kinney Memorial Physiology Prize
  • Guy & Scott Rutter Art Prize
  • The Tony Myrans Social Science Prize
  • Lau Family Improvement Prize
  • Fred Omstead Theatre Arts Award
  • The Edward Roberts History Prize
  • The Staunton History Prize
  • Fang Community Service Prize
  • Robert Giel Grade 12 Accounting Prize
  • Kitagawa Family Geography Award
  • Rothwell Family Leadership Award
  • Walter Froese Middle School Reading Prize
  • Craig Kamcke History Prize
  • Lewis Pitman English Prize
  • William Skinner English Prize
  • Arthur Van Winkle Music Prize
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