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The dress code for St. Andrew’s students is in effect from the beginning of classes in the morning to the completion of classes at the end of the academic day. A free period is not an adequate reason for not meeting the requirements of the dress code. Number 1 or Number 2 Dress shall be worn during these times. Boarding or day students dressed inappropriately will be sent to their rooms or the Campus Shop, respectively, in order to change into, or purchase, the appropriate dress clothing.

Click here for a full price list of required items.

Number 1 DRESS

  • Navy blue blazer with school crest
  • Grey flannel dress trousers or Gordon tartan kilt
  • Black polished dress shoes in good repair – boots are not permitted
  • White dress shirt
  • Belt
  • Appropriate school tie must be worn: SAC, Head of School, Scholar’s, or Prefect. The School ‘sports tie’ is not permitted with #1 Dress
  • SAC pullover: This is optional, depending on the weather, and is the only sweater that may be worn with #1 Dress
  • Plain dark socks

Number 2 DRESS (grades 9 -12 only)

  • Sports jacket with conservative pattern
  • Dress pants or kilt. Jeans, work pants, khakis, and cargo pants, and anything which will not take a crease are not permitted
  • Dress shoes in good repair (not athletic footwear, boots, hiking shoes, or sandals)
  • Dress shirt – white, pastel colours, dark solid colours, fine stripes or fine patterns are permitted
  • Belt
  • Appropriate school tie: SAC, Prefect, First Team, Head of School, Scholar’s, School Sports
  • SAC pullover: This is optional, depending on the weather, and is the only sweater that may be worn with #2 Dress
  • Dress socks. White athletic socks are not permitted with #2 Dress
  • Pants are to have a tailored pant leg, to be of an appropriate length, and are to be worn around the waist, as in business attire

Warm Weather Dress 

  • Warm weather dress will be implemented until October 8, 2021, which is the start of the Thanksgiving break. This consists of a white or red golf shirt, dress pants, dress shoes, and a belt. Number 1 Dress will also be required on occasion in the Fall, including for school opening. These items may be purchased at the Campus Shop.
  • Warm weather dress will recommence the Monday after Cadet Inspection
  • Necklaces are not to be worn with a golf shirt

Casual Dress

  • Shirt with sleeves (no tank tops), pants, socks, shoes or running shoes, sweater or windbreaker or school jacket. Jeans, corduroys, work pants, and sandals may be worn as part of Casual Dress as long as they are clean and in good repair
  • Clean, respectable shorts may be worn as part of Casual Dress in Cole Hall
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