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    • Parents
Being a volunteer is a great way to meet other SAC parents, share knowledge and skills, and collaborate on new ideas and initiatives. There are endless opportunities to help coordinate events that will enhance your son's experience at SAC. In fact, the success of our events relies on our parent volunteers. If you are interested, register on Track it Forward, the online tool used by the Parents Guild to track and coordinate its volunteers. Instructions can be read here.



School Calendar at a Glance 

Sept. 4: Sports Camps
Sept. 6 & 7: SAC Rack sale
Sept. 6: US New Family Orientation Day
Sept 7: MS New Family Orientation Day
     - Old Boy/Son/Grandson Breakfast (current students)
Sept. 8: US & MS Assemblies
     - Photo Day
     - Homecoming meeting
Sept. 9: Warm Weather Dress, classes start
Sept. 11: All-in Boarders
Sept. 9: PGE meeting
Sept.14-16: Leadership camps
Sept. 15: Welcome-Back-to-School Parent Social
Sept. 19: Homecoming meeting
Sept. 20: Grade 11 & 12 Parent Breakfast
Sept. 21: MS Curriculum night
Sept. 22: Grade 5 & 6 Parent Breakfast
Sept. 23: Class Ambassador meeting
Sept. 26: Homecoming meeting
Sept. 27: Grade 7 & 8 Parent Breakfast
     - Orange Shirt Day
     - US Curriculum Night
Sept. 28: University Fair
Sept. 29: Photo retakes
Sept. 30: Old Boy Reunion

Oct. 1: Homecoming 
Oct. 4: Grade 9 & 10 Parent Breakfast
Oct 5: Christmas Market meeting 
Oct. 11: PGE open meeting 
     - Open House 
Oct. 14: Parent Social - Neon Lights
Oct 25: Christmas Market meeting 


Nov. 8: PGE meeting
     - Open House 
Nov. 10: Parent/teacher interviews 
Nov. 17-20: Fall Play
Nov. 17: Christmas Market meeting 
Nov. 22: Gala Kick-off 
Nov. 29: Christmas Market meeting

All of the above events are subject to change.
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