Students who are ESL learners are supported in a variety of ways at St. Andrew’s. Upon arrival, boys are assessed to determine which English stream best fits with their specific needs. We offer two dedicated ESL courses, ESL 1 and ESL 2, for boys who are new to the language in grades 9 and 10. Additionally, for those boys in grade 11 who need to develop their speaking and writing skills further, we offer EPS30, an English presentation skills course.

Boys in ESL take regular English courses alongside our ESL courses. Typically, a student who enters in grade 9 with limited skills in English is capable of achieving success in the regular English stream by grade 11. Support is available to graduates of our ESL program through our ESL Plus program and our Writing Centre. 


The Writing Centre is a division of the library that helps students develop effective writing and research skills by offering individual consultations, classes, tutorials, and workshops. Additionally, the Writing Centre actively promotes literacy across the curriculum and encourages excellence in writing. It also organizes a speakers’ series.


The ESL Plus program helps students whose first language is not English and who have already completed the ESL program at St. Andrew's, or who are taking both the ESL and regular English program. Many of these students may need ESL support until the end of grade 12 to develop their English-language skills further; this is especially true with writing and speaking skills. This program runs one afternoon after school under the supervision of the School’s ESL teachers.
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