Transition-Up Year

In 2010-11, SAC launched an exciting new residential program geared toward students entering their grade 12 year as part of our extensive Residential Life Curriculum. This program is designed to better prepare graduating boarding students for their transition into university life. This program focuses specifically on university preparation (UP) and activities ranging from learning how to do laundry and preparing healthy and delicious meals, to writing a personal statement for university applications, and attending special grade 12 study sessions offered by residential Duty Masters. Focus is placed on time-management and study skills, healthy lifestyle choices, preparing university applications, and additional residential life offerings, including an alumni speaker series about life after SAC.

The Transition-Up Year program complements the current Residential Life Curriculum and offers boarding students additional tools to further develop the confidence, organizational, and life skills they will require to be successful beyond St. Andrew’s. It empowers our students to take responsibility for themselves and their education as they learn to overcome obstacles and develop resiliency—all in a supportive and nurturing residential environment. Graduates of the Transition-Up Year depart SAC well-prepared for the challenges ahead.

Over the course of the last three years, 34 day boys have made a full-time move to boarding and greatly enjoyed their experience. These boys have gained a competitive advantage in being best-prepared for university and all have seen dramatic improvement in their academic standing during the crucial university application timeframe.

 For more information on the Transition-Up Year program, please review this brochure.

Born from this is our 5-Day-Boarding Pass. This is a complimentary offer to have your son experience boarding for a one-week trial. A room in Flavelle House has been set aside exclusively for this purpose. Families of Middle School boys can also take advantage of this program in Macdonald House. Come see what boarding life at St. Andrew's can offer your son.

To learn more about this program, please click here. If you would like to inquire about space availability, please contact us at
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