Residential Life Curriculum

St. Andrew’s Residential Life Curriculum is exciting and dynamic, and includes an overall character-building program to help prepare students for university and beyond. Life in residence is carefully monitored by School Housemasters, Duty Masters and other staff, who help to create a safe, positive, and nurturing environment.

As part of the Residential Life Curriculum, all grade 9 students must take credit course GLS10 ‘Learning Strategies.’

"Learning Strategies helps boys ease into boarding life. In addition to helping our students improve their study skills, the course helps to cultivate and develop decision-making skills, leadership skills, and time-management skills," says David Galajda, Director of Residential Life and Housemaster Mac House.
This course is unique to St. Andrew’s boarding students, and we are the first independent school in Ontario to offer it. 
The School also introduced a Social Awareness Curriculum, focusing on three themes: Embracing Diversity, Health & Wellness, and Ethical Decision Making. Galajda says the program provides the School with “a moral compass throughout the academic year.”

Through a series of leadership and club activities, sports, arts, outreach, fun events, and special weekend programs, boarders enjoy a unique camaraderie, and develop lifelong memories and lasting friendships. Drewe McIver, Resident Don and former SAC boarding student, found that it was a “well-rounded environment and a very comfortable place to grow up.”

“There’s so much going on at St. Andrew’s. It’s tough to find a better school. The members of the faculty are committed to helping the students succeed and put their hearts and souls into working long hours to make this happen,” says McIver.

As a Resident Don, Drewe is responsible for watching over the boys in the evening. He likens the role to the experience of being a big brother in a household.

“I try to build a relationship with them and ensure they have good relationships with each other. The boys come to me for advice on just about anything … anything that comes up in a normal household — stress, friends, curiosity about girls. If they don’t come to me, and I see something wrong, I ask them what’s going on. Sometimes it’s nothing. But, if it’s something serious, I make sure to direct it to the proper channels,” says McIver.

St. Andrew’s includes three Upper School boarding residences and one Middle School boarding residence. Each residence has a unique character and history of its own, and specific house programs can be found on each residential website.

“All in all, St. Andrew’s Residential Life Curriculum is a vibrant and innovative program designed to guide boys as they begin their journeys on the road to independence and to better prepare them to succeed in the future,” says Galajda.

With a non-stop pace that challenges and engages boys academically, athletically, and artistically, St. Andrew’s College offers a truly, once-in-a-lifetime experience.
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