In 2015-16, 166 boys (26% of our student population) are the beneficiaries of either a scholarship or bursary totaling $2.4M. Scholarships are merit based and awarded upon entrance to SAC. Every element of a boy’s application is closely evaluated and a prospective student will compete against other incoming students in his grade. Of the $2.4M awarded this year, $576,500 (about 25%) was provided in scholarship monies. The remaining dollars were allocated toward need-based bursary assistance. Listed below are scholarship and bursary awards supported by our generous donors.

  • General Scholarship Fund
  • Graham Campbell Trust
  • Sir J.W. Flavelle Scholarship
  • K.S. Maclachlan Memorial
  • Ian Flemming Award
  • J. Douglas Wood Bursary
  • J.K.Macdonald Awards
  • Dr. J.Robert Coulter Scholarship
  • Graham F. Towers Bursaries
  • Carolyn Sifton Foundation
  • Mary & George Kitchen Bursary
  • Dick Gibb Scholarship Fund
  • James H. Hamilton Scholarship
  • T.B.D. Tudball Memorial Fund
  • Philip S.A. Morton Scholarship
  • R.S. McLaughlin Foundation Bursary
  • J.S. Ellis Scholarship Fund
  • Parent Guild Endowment Fund
  • C.U. Haywood Scholarship
  • Class of 1992 Bursary
  • Kendall & Violet Bennett Fund
  • Class of 1944 Bursary
  • Jack & Ina Bennet Bursary
  • Dalton Family Bursary
  • Barry J. Black Scholarship
  • Dunlap Family Endowment
  • John R. & Marjorie T. Rea Family Fund
  • The Bradley R. Rowell Scholarships
  • The Osborne Family Scholarship
  • The Stan Macfarlane Scholarship
  • The Jim Herder Scholarship 
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