McEwen Leadership consulting field trip

The McEwen Leadership Fundamentals class recently travelled to Toronto for a culminating class field trip.
The students acted as members of a business consulting company and presented their recommended marketing solutions to a variety of corporations. After presenting their recommended solutions to their assigned business representatives, the students were provided a facility tour of the business location and were able to engage in a Q&A session with the business representatives.
The McEwen students were assigned their specific business problems at the beginning of March and began the process of researching the problem, identifying possible alternatives, and preparing their final business recommendations in the form of an oral presentation. The students played the role of an advertising agency ‘pitching’ their ideas to earn a ‘contract’ with their client.
Congratulations to the following students for winning the contract from their business hosts!
PepsiCo Canada
George Browne
Callum MacPherson
Vlad Dyagilev
Harry Rosen
Warren Zhang
Rickie Tang
Joseph Grassa
The following is a brief description of the two problems assigned to the students by the business representatives:
Business: PepsiCo Canada
Primary Business Representative: Michael Flanagan, director of sales
Consulting Group’s Task: Deliver a 360-degree communication strategy that will help Frito Lay Canada re-energize the sales of Doritos chips as well as further launch and gain traction for the new platform message – for the bold!
Business Representative Testimonial: “The students presented at a level we would expect to see from 4th year university co-op students. They really understood how to integrate a variety of mediums to create a campaign that would lead consumers throughout the purchase process.”
Business: Harry Rosen
Primary Business Representative: Jeremy Hildebrand, general manager
Consulting Group’s Task: Deliver a complete analysis and recommendations regarding online advertising pull strategies, website design and experience, and website live chat applications for Harry Rosen.
Business Representative Testimonial: “This age group has such a great grasp of current trends in website design and technology from a consumer perspective. It is a valuable insight for my team and me to be exposed to the new ideas that the students have. I love seeing these business skills being developed at the high school level.”
In addition to the consulting presentations, the students were also given other opportunities in the field of marketing and entrepreneurship. The class participated in a workshop and Q&A session at Ryerson University, where they learned about Ryerson’s Digital Media Zone and Zone Learning Network opportunities. The Digital Media Zone at Ryerson is one of Canada’s largest incubators and multi-disciplinary co-working spaces for entrepreneurs.
The field trip was a very memorable experience for many of the students. In particular, Warren Zhang ’17 stated he “learned a lot about what it takes to succeed when presenting in a professional business environment. The business judges challenged us with their feedback and questions, but it was also very rewarding to know that we presented some ideas to them that they actually will use in the future.”
The grade 11 McEwen Consulting Field Trip is one of many events planned for the McEwen Leadership Fundamentals class during the academic year. The course is a component of the McEwen Leadership Program, an academic program modelled after the vision of Mr. Rob McEwen ’69.  The McEwen Leadership Program provides students with the opportunity to develop leadership skills and apply them through ‘real-world’ business simulations. 
Story by Sean Ludwig, Course Director, McEwen Leadership Program
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