At St. Andrew’s, we live our mission statement every day, “Dedicating ourselves to the development of the complete man, the well-rounded citizen.” To achieve this, we present our students with a non-stop setting (boys school) that challenges and engages them academically, athletically, spiritually, and artistically.

SAC is a place where boys can be themselves, with no girls to impress, and encouragement from faculty, staff, and their peers to try their hand at whatever interests them. Students are only limited by their own perceptions of themselves, and we endeavour to help them realize that the sky is the limit.

While at St. Andrew’s, young men are required to challenge themselves and become involved in an abundance of ways. Studies have reinforced the merits of a single-sex education. Not only are boys less inhibited and more focused in the classroom in a single-gender environment, but research indicates those who attend all-boys schools are more than twice as likely to study art, music, drama, and foreign languages, in addition to the traditional maths and sciences. In an all-boys setting, we are able to break down gender stereotypes and empower boys to pursue their interests without having to impress or show off. For this reason, it is not unusual for a top athlete to also play the saxophone or have the lead in a school play.

Teachers who plan classes for boys know that they must help them to stay organized, remain active, engage in friendly competition, and take meaningful risks. As a faculty, we believe that boys learn better when they are required to solve real-life problems, create products that go, and push perceived boundaries. Our academic vision compels us to create instructional sessions that press critical-thinking skills, emphasize the value of collaboration, and provide opportunities for extending one’s perception of himself.

St. Andrew’s is affiliated with many professional educational organizations, including the International Boys’ Schools Coalition (IBSC), and through this organization and others, our faculty members have presented on the benefits of boys-only education at conferences around the world. To view writings on this topic by SAC’s Assistant Headmaster, Academics, Michael Paluch, click here.


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At St. Andrew’s, we have cultivated a fruitful relationship with other boys’ schools through our association with the International Boys’ School Coalition (IBSC). 

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