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National Independent school invitational championship (NISIC)
Players must be full-time students at their respective high schools. In order to qualify, players must be part of the roster of their respective team and eligible to compete for their high school according to their school/league association eligibility rules during their current season. Roster must be filed with the tournament committee prior to a team’s first game, and no substitutions will be permitted thereafter. Teams are limited to dressing 22 players per game. If a team has a third goalie they will be permitted to dress. Any exceptions must first be cleared with the tournament convenor prior to a team’s first match. In the case of goaltender injury or suspension, a third goaltender (if not already rostered) may be added to the tournament roster, but must fulfill the eligibility requirements above. 

The Eight (8) participating teams will be grouped into two pools of four teams. The teams will play a round-robin and be ranked #1-4 for the playoff round games.
Each team will play two Opening Round games within their groups and then be reseeded within their groups for a Knock-Out Round. Games will be 3 periods of 15 minutes each. If teams are tied following regulation, there will be a 5 min 3 on 3 overtime period and/or a shootout to award an additional point. There will be a seven-minute warm-up prior to each game. The home team will choose their colour for each match.

Standings during the round-robin will be tabulated as follows: (Regulation Win = 3, Regulation Tie = 1, Overtime Win = 1 Additional Point, Shootout Win = 1 Additional Point, Loss = 0).  Following Opening Round play and the re-ranking, Teams will be placed in the Knockout Round Bracket based on their new seed.
Tie-breaks will be used following completed Opening Round play to rank the teams for the Playoff Round

If Two Teams are tied in points following the opening round the following will be used to break the tie:
1. Head to Head Result

Multiple Teams - Using Only Games Involving the Tied Teams
1.    Team with most regulations wins
2.    Greatest Goal differential, to a maximum of +/- 5 goals per game.
3.    Fewest goals against 
4.    Most goals for 
5.    Fewest penalty minutes 
6.    Most Period Wins
OVERTIME – Opening Round
There will be a five-minute, sudden-victory overtime period (the first goal wins) if any of the round-robin games are tied. Overtime will be played with 3 skaters plus a goalie. If the game remains tied at the end of the overtime period, there will be a 3-person shootout. The home team gets to elect to shoot first or second.  No shooter may take an additional shot until every available player has taken a shot.
OVERTIME – Knock-Out Games
In the Knock-out games, overtime will consist of sudden-victory. The ice will not be resurfaced at the conclusion of regulation time. There will be a three-minute rest period. The first overtime period will be 10 minutes stop-time and will be played with three skaters, plus a goalie. If the game remains tied, the ice will be resurfaced and subsequent overtime periods will be played for 15 minutes stop-time with three skaters, plus a goalie. There will be a resurfacing after each period in overtime.
Rulings on a dispute or possible suspension will be handled by the Tournament Committee, the Referee-in-Chief & the Referee doing the game in which the incident took place. The Tournament Committee ruling will be final.
All Hockey Canada playing rules will be enforced with the following adjustments: 
a) A fighting major will result in an automatic expulsion from the tournament. 
b) If a player receives 3 separate ten-minute misconducts in tournament play, that player shall be ejected from the tournament.  
c) Hybrid Icing Shall be in effect
d) Face-offs following a penalty shall occur in the defensive zone of the offending team.
A Championship Banner and Keeper Plaque will be presented to the winner of the Championship Final
The Tournament Most Valuable Player (James McCreath Trophy) will be awarded at the conclusion of the tournament's final match.