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Nordic Saints perform well ahead of CISAA championship

Saints Nordic travelled to Lakefield College School on Wednesday to face off with the CISAA and COSSA teams one week prior to our upcoming CISAA championship. Our Novice, Junior Boys and Senior Boys all fared very well given some sloppy snow conditions. A huge congrats to the entire team for a job well done.

Notable results:

Novice Combined COSSA/CISAA;

1st - Reese Enderlein (1st place CISAA)
3rd - Mike Bessonov (2nd place CISAA)

Jr Boys Combined:

6th - Javier Del Rio (3rd place CISAA)
7th - Mateo Ruiz (4th place CISAA)
9th - Blake Phillips (5th place CISAA)
10th - Patricio Girault (6th place CISAA)
12th - Jack Oomen (7th place CISAA)

Sr Boys Combined

4th - Mikey Bahen (2nd place CISAA)
7th - Sean Denton (3rd place CISAA)
8th - Thomas Childerhose (4th place CISAA)
9th - Mason Sorbera (5th place CISAA)
11th - Graham Stanley-Paul (6th place CISAA)

Team Results (Combined COSSA/CISAA)

SAC Novice - 1st place
SAC Jr Boys - 2nd place
SAC Snr Boys - 1st place

Well done boys!

Story by: Brian McCue
St. Andrew's College
15800 Yonge Street, Aurora, ON L4G 3H7 Canada
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