Thrilling win for 1st Cricket

The Varsity Cricket Saints earned their first victory of the season May 18, taking down 1st place Trinity College School in a thrilling four-hour home match.
Once again, TCS's expert bowlers tested our batters with a variety of fast swinging and pitch spinning difficult-to-hit balls. Thirteen days ago in Port Hope, our young team struggled mightily to score just 10 runs, the remaining 19 gifted to us by TCS penalties. However, their batting side, while making a superior 70 that day, mainly relied on the skills of one player.
This afternoon, after our side scored a reasonable 62 (where all but two batters hit for at least one run, and new-to-cricket Sterling Cochran banged out a team-high 11 runs of his own before being caught), TCS's powerhouse once again brought his axe and carved out some massive 6s and 4s, crushing good balls over and across the boundary with relative ease.
Fortunately, with 31 runs made and appearing rather unstoppable, he carelessly stepped out of his crease for but a moment, but a split second too long for nearby fielder Ben van Eeden, who brilliantly noticed the slip-up and hit his stumps out.
Up until that point, with 48 runs for 6 (out of 10) batters out, TCS looked good for the win, with plenty of overs left to cruise past our score. Led by the wisdom and steely determination of our captains, Brandon Gomes and Dylan van Eeden, the SAC squad wasn't going to let that happen, giving their best bowling and fielding performance of the season, with many spectacular catches (Mikey Bahen, Dylan, Brandon twice, Conor Ali, and Ben) and yielding less than 15 bowling penalties over 22 overs, which was a real achievement for this mostly grade 9 novice group.
Thomas Childerhose, playing his first full game at wicket keeper ("back-catcher") was tremendous, stopping over 130 balls. Openers Basel Arsalan (2 wickets for 14 runs) and Brandon (2 wickets for 5 runs) along with Dylan (3 wickets for 8 runs) kept TCS batters pinned down for long stretches.
The boisterous and thrilled crowd of SAC-friendly relatives and coaches bit off plenty of fingernails as TCS's remaining batters inched the score ever closer to our total. With only 3 runs needed to tie, SAC appeared to have won with a great catch behind, only to be denied by a bowling error "no ball" call from the umpire.
Then, with only 1 run needed, Dylan finished off TCS's last batter with his third wicket of the afternoon, crushing the stumps sending bails and players flying about the field in jubilant celebration.
It was a great day for our squad, quite unexpected but most welcomed, with many heroes created and maturing teamsmanship and leadership skills displayed in all their Andrean glory.
SAC 62 (all out) - TCS 61 (all out)
Bravo gentlemen!
Final league home game May 19 vs. UCC 12:30 start. Come out and cheer us on!
Coaches David Kyle and Brandon Gomes
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