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First Cygnets to land in September 2022

While we eagerly anticipate St. Anne's School (SAS) officially opening its doors in September 2023 to Grades 5 through 9, a special group of girls will make history a year earlier.

The First Cygnets is a group of Grade 9 girls from York Region who will make up the initial class of the new all-girls independent school. They will be housed at an alternate location, called the Cygnets Centre, on the St. Andrew's College campus while the final stages of construction transform a former manor on St. John's Sideroad near Yonge Street into a high-tech, student-friendly day school.

The announcement was made today by SAS Head of School, Sabrina D'Angelo, who recently culminated her role at St. Andrew's College (SAC) as Assistant Head of School, Director of Middle School, Diversity & Inclusivity. 

"There is no better time than right now for young women to be given the opportunity to participate in an educational experience that will be life-changing. At St. Anne's, students will be exposed to unique learning strategies, inspired to embrace the arts, encouraged to explore athletics, and called upon to be leaders while developing life-long friendships," says Mrs. D'Angelo.

She will lead the First Cygnets as they take their first classes in the Cygnets Centre. While temporary, this promises to be an ideal setting for academic, athletic, co-curricular, and leadership programming. 
The Grade 9 girls will have their own learning spaces and share the facilities at St. Andrew's College. This unique partnership between a school for boys and a school for girls will provide opportunities for authentic integration and allow students at both schools to build meaningful relationships.

The permanent SAS campus is located at 306 St. John's Sideroad in Aurora and could open as early as fall 2022 for the First Cygnets. Grades 5 through 9 will start there in 2023.

"What an extraordinarily unique opportunity the First Cygnets will experience as members of the very first class at SAS," says Mrs. D'Angelo. "What excites me the most is the active voices these young women will have in shaping the strategic framework of the school. Creating a comprehensive plan for the future, including mission, vision, values, programmatic ideals, and cultural expectations, the First Cygnets will lead the way."

At the core of the SAS experience is a full complement of academics, athletics, arts, leadership, and co-curricular offerings explicitly designed to further foster students' passions and find new interests. For more details about St. Anne's School, visit www.stannes.ca and watch this video demonstrating the value of a St. Anne's education. 
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