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Head of School in the hot seat during spicy interview

As the chicken wings became progressively hotter, Kevin McHenry, Head of School, started taking off layers.

David Kurp, a Prefect and a member of the Broadcast Journalism program, grilled Mr. McHenry, asking heated questions and eating even hotter wings. The pair sat across from one another at a table in Cole Hall, separated by a Plexiglas shield (as per pandemic safety protocols), during the premiere episode of Hot Ones.

Mr. McHenry started the interview by confessing his dislike for spicy food and admitted he prefers honey garlic or “super mild” wings. But he gamely started in on his first wing, the mildest one on the menu, declaring it to be hot enough.

The second wing was accompanied by a question about Mr. McHenry’s favourite House; then, the third wing was served with the caveat that it would be “100 times worse” than the first wing. As David was posing his question, it seemed as if Mr. McHenry was becoming a tad hot under the collar.

The fourth piquant wing was plated, accompanied by a swig of milk and a question about the opening of St. Anne’s School for girls. It was at this point the fire started to overwhelm both diners. David attempted a pep talk: “You run the largest all-boys boarding school in Canada – you can handle a chicken wing.”

David, after biting into the fifth wing, asked the Head of School about the funniest reason a student got in trouble, but Mr. McHenry’s answer wasn’t easily accessible: “That’s a good question. And I wish my brain was working…”

The sixth wing was washed down with lots of milk on both sides of the barrier, then came the seventh and final wing. Mr. McHenry prepared by sucking a lemon, taking off his sweater, and guzzling more 2%. 

David posed a probing question about SAC’s response to COVID-19. Tune in to Hot Ones to see for yourself if Mr. McHenry survived the heat to answer.

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Story by Julie Caspersen
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