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Boys test their knowledge in Canadian Geographic Challenge

Grade 9 student Austin McInnis is this year's school champion in the Canadian Geographic Challenge.
Austin, runner-up Jared Reinemo, and third-place finishers Jason Shen and Riley Sullivan, were among the top geography students from Grades 7 to 9 competing in Thursday's challenge in Ketchum Auditorium. 
Dr. David Joiner, Head of the Geography Department, posed a series of twenty questions over 30 minutes to the 13 students participating, allowing them 10 seconds to determine their answers. The competition was very close, with only three points separating the top four contestants.
Here are some of the questions: 
What is the official language of Brazil? (Portuguese)
In which city is Canada's largest port located? (Vancouver)
In which country can we find Mount Victoria towering over its capital city of Wellington? (New Zealand)
Thousands of students representing schools from across Canada participate in the annual Canadian Geographic Challenge. Middle School and grade 9 students at St. Andrew's have been competing in class competitions coordinated by their teachers Adam Kowaltschuk, Melissa Ramon, Joe Commisso, and David Joiner since January in preparation for the opportunity to vie for the School title in front of their classmates.
This year's Level 2 Challenge finalists were Pranay Ranjan (Grade 7), Ethan Fleming (Grade 7), Jacob Kirchmair (Grade 7), Jason Shen (Grade 8), Jared Reinemo (Grade 8), Richard Yang (Grade 8), Guillermo Simon Gomez (Grade 8), Cevin Wei (Grade 9), Ryan Cornacchia (Grade 9), Austin McInnis (Grade 9), Riley Sullivan (Grade 9), Alexander Nikols (Grade 9), and Adam Campagna (Grade 9). Logan Noccey (Grade 7) and Jack Thomson (Grade 8) were top students in their respective classes but were unavailable for the school final.
Austin now moves on to represent St. Andrew's College in an online provincial competition within the next month. The top 20 finalists will then be invited to the National Final in Ottawa in May, where they could win a place on the Canadian team for August's iGeo Olympiad in Istanbul, Turkey.
After 24 successful years and more than two million student participants, the Canadian Geographic Challenge continues to build interest in geography among young Canadians by allowing them to test their knowledge in friendly competition.
The Challenge is organized by Canadian Geographic Education, the standing educational committee of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society and it is supported by the Trebek Family Foundation. Past questions are available online.
Story by David Joiner
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