A forest of good reads in Towers Library

Great books, fun challenges, and cool prizes for top readers are all part of a recreational reading program now running in Towers Library.

The Forest of Reading program, an initiative of the Ontario Library Association, offers Canadian fiction and non-fiction books to “excite and encourage kids to read.” Books are organized into age-appropriate categories from preschoolers to seniors.

This year, SAC students in Grades 5 and 6 will choose from books specifically purchased to support the Red Maple, Silver Birch, and Yellow Cedar categories.

“We hope to open this up to even more grades next year,” says SAC librarian, Melissa Ramon, who introduced the program to Grade 5s on Wednesday and will introduce it to Grade 6s next week.

Students listened keenly as Mrs. Ramon explained the program details and instructed them on setting up “Biblionasium” accounts in Edsby to track their reading and post reviews. The online platform is a social reading community that allows students to see what their peers are reading and discover great reads.

“Reviews need only be a few lines and can include what you thought about the book, if you liked the characters, or if you would refer it to a friend…but don’t give away the ending,” Mrs. Ramon cautioned with a smile.

Boys can sign out as many books as they like and are encouraged to read over the holidays.
Mrs. Ramon expects the five reward levels set up to recognize accomplishments will bolster enthusiasm. These include bookmarks, lapel pins, T-shirts, and an invite-only party in Towers Library. In May, top SAC readers will be invited to attend the “Festival of Trees” in Toronto for other top readers from across the province.

Visit accessola.com/Forest for more info and to register yourself!
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