Strong SAC influence in new thriller Survival Box

SAC’s mark has been left of nearly every aspect of the newest post-apocalyptic thriller hitting the big screen this summer.
Survival Box began as a Focus play and is now set to open downtown Toronto on Friday, August 16 at Imagine Cinemas Carlton and will continue for a week-long theatrical release.
Directed by Department Head of Drama, William Scoular, Survival Box is an example of the Andrean brotherhood in action. From behind the scenes to on the screen, the strong life-long bond between several generations of Old Boys is highlighted in the film. 
It features Adam Moryto ’09 and Daniel von Diergardt ’04 in leading roles, together with past parent, Rod Black, who is also in the cast. 
The film is produced by five Old Boys: Jim Mirkopoulos ’90, Jonathan Ahee ’98, Saad Siddiqui ’15, Tristan Tsvetanov ’16, and Alf Wirth ’59. Alex Boothby ’92 is the special effects supervisor and second unit director. School photographer Paul Mosey, was the stills photographer and past parent Andrew Dunin's home was used as one of the locations in the film. 
In the title sequence, William Scoular credits "A Good Old Boys Production" as one of the presenting companies - and for very good reason!
For tickets and showtimes, click here.
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