Latest SAC Today episode: Model UN, chess, squash, MacPherson

The newest offering from our Broadcast Journalism students is on our YouTube channel and is well worth the watch.
Michael Wu is the anchor this time around for the sixth episode in Season 4, and he introduces the first segment on the Harvard Model Un trip, with reporter Graham Stanley-Paul covering the action. Graham spoke with SAC head delegate, Alexander Smith, who was attending his fourth Model UN. This year, SAC represented Spain and the United Kingdom at the international conference.
Reporter Brendan Beeching was up next with a segment on the new school schedule. Brendan interviewed students to get a feel for how boys like the new daily timetable. The late start on Wednesdays is proving popular, as is Thursday afternoon’s Arts/Co-Curricular Plus program.
Co-curriculars were represented in this episode with a lively focus on the Chess Club, courtesy of Daniel Seotikno.
Next, we get an inside look at Varsity Squash from Daniel Park, who interviewed co-captains, Ryan Sutherland-Pace and Caden Markle, who believe this young team has a bright future and is looking forward to the COISAA finals this month.
Lastly, Jack Oomen gives an exciting recap of the MacPherson Hockey Tournament. The highlight of this segment was the celebrating home team as they won the championship.
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Story by Julie Caspersen
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