Debaters win junior award at Fulford League tournament

Four members of the School’s Debate Club traveled to Havergal College recently to compete in the Fall Fulford Cup.
The Fulford League tournament consisted of two rounds of prepared parliamentary debate on the resolution, "This House Regrets Section 33 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms," and one round of impromptu debate.
Junior debaters, Michael Chen, grade 9, and Paul Zhao, grade 10, placed third and seventh, respectively, winning the overall junior award for St. Andrew's.
We would also like to thank senior debaters, Andrew Scott, grade 11, and Tiger Jiang, grade 12, for their contributions to the team.
St. Andrew’s College is one of the original four members of the Fulford League, along with Ridley College, Trinity College School, and Upper Canada College.
According to the league’s website, this is how it all started: The Fulford League came into existence in 1948 at the suggestion of the widow of Senator George Fulford who had passed away not long before. He was a distinguished legal mind and public servant before being appointed to the Senate. Mrs. Fulford approached the four schools of what was then called the Little Big Four plus the University of Toronto Schools with the idea that they might like to perpetuate the memory of her late husband by creating a league dedicated to the noble art of debate. The watchwords of his life apparently had been "Deliberation not Contention" and these were inscribed on the base of the rather nondescript wooden trophy that was created. 
Appleby College and Lakefield College School joined in the 1970s, and in 1980, Rupert Ray, English teacher and head of debating at SAC (1966-2001), was elected to be the first official president of the Fulford League. In the following few years, the league grew to 17 schools.
Eventually, a silver trophy was created to be competed for by debaters in the junior and intermediate levels, and this year, we are proud to have the names of our own SAC debaters added. 
Story by Samantha Scheepers and Julie Caspersen
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