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St. Andrew’s College recognizes that to achieve our vision, the environment which we provide must be one which demonstrates respect, dignity, equity, and safety for all members of the Andrean community.

Building boys of high character is a top priority, and one that begins during the middle years at St. Andrew’s College. While we recognize that a ‘bully-free’ environment is nearly impossible to achieve at any school, we understand the importance of establishing a proactive atmosphere that reinforces messages of strong character development. The Middle School provides many educational opportunities for its students to be aware of the type of behaviours that are considered bullying or harassment – neither of which is tolerated at SAC. Messages of this nature are often brought forward through the Middle School Advisory program, and through various initiatives that are run throughout the school year. While we promote and support positive character development on a daily basis, we recognize that the students need to be exposed to a variety of individuals who support and reinforce a similar message.

When working with adolescents, we expect that challenges will arise. It is for this reason that we have instituted a Mutual Respect Policy. We recognize that to achieve our vision, the environment we provide must be one that demonstrates respect, dignity, equity, and safety for all members of the Andrean community. In order to excel in all areas of school life, all members of our community need to feel safe in the School and have the right to expect the School to take steps that create an environment of mutual respect.

The Mutual Respect Policy allows students to discuss issues that may be troubling them with a faculty facilitator. Currently, we have one faculty facilitator for the Middle School. The facilitator acts as a coach to the student and recommends a direction the student should take. Typically, issues that are brought forth tend to be minor in nature and are guided to resolution with the aid of the facilitator and student(s).

We are proud to offer members of our community an opportunity to disclose feelings of hurt, frustration, or discomfort while striving for an understanding of mutual respect and supporting the School's mission, “Dedicated to the development of the complete man, the well-rounded citizen.”
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