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SAC offers an extensive Residential Life Curriculum; in fact, it’s what distinguishes us from many other independent schools across North America.

The residential program begins in Macdonald House, where our younger boarding students (Grades 6-9) begin their SAC education. The Macdonald House experience offers a safe, structured, and nurturing environment. Our students are encouraged to gain confidence and seize new challenges through structured and unstructured activities. Various post-study activities in Macdonald House include trivia, board games, cooking classes, as well as a plethora of sports activities, ranging from floor hockey and indoor soccer to our climbing wall. Students may take part in a supervised swim or enjoy some yoga. There is always something to do as a boarder at St. Andrew's College. Keeping the boys focused and busy in a positive manner makes residential life a fun and exciting place to be! As we like to put it, “it is the beginning of their journey on the road to independence” and prepares our students well for their Upper School experience.

Our Macdonald House boarding students quickly learn to embrace diversity, develop and foster community, manage their time through supervised study, and become positive role models for peers and the community around them. They are also given a variety of leadership positions including but not limited to the Macdonald House Council, student heads of house, house captains, and senior and junior floor captains.
From Friday to Sunday, the evening and Complete Weekend program offers an abundance of fun and interesting activities that help our boys create lifelong friendships and memories.

For more information about our extensive Residential Life Curriculum and its importance in adolescent development, please contact Keith Ramon, Director of Boarding at 905-727-1219.
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