We recognize the significant role the arts play in achieving our school’s mission: “Dedicated to the development of the complete man, the well-rounded citizen." It is for this reason that all Middle School students participate in our Tuesday Arts program. This program allows students an opportunity to explore areas of the arts that may be unfamiliar to them, or which they wish to explore further.

The boys may choose from the following programs: Visual Arts, Instrumental Music (Middle School Band, Drumming or Piping), Debating, or Drama. The program begin at 3:45 p.m. and finishes no later than 5:00 p.m.

Visual Arts

The Tuesday Arts program is a great opportunity for budding artists to get extra time in the studio and explore all types of mediums. The students have fun experimenting during this time, and as a result they usually end up with exciting results. We take advantage of all of the studio spaces and resources; the boys create ceramics, prints, paintings, three-dimensional sculptures, and crafts. Each participant gets to take home all of their masterpieces and start their very own portfolio of work. The Visual Arts program is run by Ms. Randi Berman, art teacher in the Middle School.

Middle School Band

The Middle School Band program is made up of students who excel in music and are excited to begin playing a band instrument. In September, the new musicians have weekly workshops with Ms. Sandi Chasson, Head of Music. The more experienced players work on band repertoire that is both challenging and fun, and often includes theme music from popular movies and TV shows. This ensemble plays at the Carol Service and Arts Night in December, competes in MusicFest Ontario, plays in the St. Andrew's Festival of the Arts in March, and Middle School Music Night in May. The Middle School Band is directed by Mr. John Richardson, Middle School music teacher.


The Middle School Drumming program is available to any Middle School student interested in learning the art of pipe band drumming. Students learn the basic drumming rudiments and rhythms common in pipe band repertoire. Classes are designed to challenge the students at beginner and intermediate drumming levels. Drummers can continue from the grade 5 program through to the grade 8 program, if desired.


This is where the journey to the St. Andrew's College Pipes & Drums Band begins! Aspiring pipers and drummers should begin to learn the bagpipes or the snare drum as early as possible. Many Middle School piping students go on to become part of the Upper School academic piping and drumming programs, and graduate with a life-long hobby of piping or drumming.

Debating & Public Speaking

The Middle School Debating & Public Speaking program offers time for the boys to "speak on their feet." They are encouraged to think quickly, respond to prompts, and, in debating, to craft counter-arguments on the spot, working to effectively deliver such with style, clarity, and impact. Many boys participate in formal tournaments. Boys entering the grade 9 program have the opportunity to join our Debating & Public Speaking teams, which compete regularly in local and international events.

Drama (Improv Group)

For beginning actors, students play a variety of fun, improv activities that get them comfortable with speaking in front of a group. Inhibitions are put aside as students are encouraged to be themselves, accept each others' suggestions, and to step outside of their comfort zone by trying new things. Voice, sound, and physical movement are explored.

Drama (Performance Group)

For more advanced students, this group works on several one-act plays with the goal of performing them at the Middle School Arts Night and during the Focus Festival of the Arts in May. Students work on skills related to the theatre such as stage presence, voice projection, professionalism, staying in character, development of character, and working with other actors to develop a scene.
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