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At St. Andrew’s College, we are committed to:

… aligning the formal academic program with the mission of the School: “the development of the complete man, the well-rounded citizen;”

… educating boys to be physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy;

… fostering within our boys the ability to adapt to our ever-changing world;

… developing instructional strategies that create ideal learning opportunities for boys;

… tapping into boys' propensity to problem solve by cultivating critical-thinking skills so they can make effective decisions based on a broad range of criteria;

… providing boys with opportunities to engage with the larger community and to celebrate the value of others;

… fostering integrity and a strong sense of character, promoting resiliency and leadership;

… implementing technology wisely to enhance learning;

… nurturing creativity and celebrating excellence in performance; and,

… channeling boys’ energy and curiosity in a student-focused, collaborative, and supportive environment that inspires an enduring love of learning.

To view our academic policy, please download the Omnibus pdf file.

Middle School Faculty

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