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    • The Middle School at SAC provides: a team of dedicated Middle School faculty who are committed to the development of pre-adolescent and adolescent boys;

Middle School

Middle School Matters

Welcome to the Middle School of St. Andrew’s College. Our ‘school within a school’ concept gives the opportunity for our grade 5, 6, 7, and 8 students to begin the transition from elementary school to secondary school.

This vibrant community of more than 160 students experiences daily life in Rogers Hall. The Academic program in the Middle School allows our students to gain knowledge, skills, and confidence as they approach the Upper School. Faculty are well-versed in teaching techniques that engage the attention of young boys, such as activity-based learning, humour, group projects, and an element of competition in the classroom, thereby bringing learning to life for their students. Their teaching practices are geared toward recognizing the unique emotional, intellectual, and developmental needs of this pre-adolescent age group. Boys who may have been underachieving in their previous schools often unearth a passion for learning that they never knew they possessed.

The Middle School prides itself on maintaining class sizes that are no larger than 18 students across all grades. Our core grade 5 and 6 program follows a model whereby students are taught primarily by their advisor or homeroom teacher for the majority of their subjects. They participate in a partial rotary model for courses such as visual arts, physical education, music, and French. In our rotary grade 7 and 8 program, students are taught by teachers who are specialists in their area of study, and they change classrooms for each subject. This Middle School model shift from core to rotary is a significant component to preparing our Middle School students for the Academic program in the Upper School.

In addition to the compulsory Athletics program (offering 22 different sports throughout the year), each Middle School boy must participate in the Arts program, where they have an opportunity to explore and discover their individual passions for music, drama, debating, piping, drumming, or visual arts, as well as our Cadet program, which dates back to 1905. Middle School students also receive two credits toward Upper School: a math credit and a comprehensive arts credit.

The greatest gift a parent can instill in their child is a love for learning. Come and see for yourself all the happy, smiling faces in our Middle School. At St. Andrew’s, your son will look forward to coming to school and so much more.

Middle School Vision

The Middle School at SAC provides:
  • a team of dedicated Middle School faculty who are committed to the development of pre-adolescent and adolescent boys;
  • a challenging, integrative, and exploratory curriculum that supports the School's overall Academic Vision and is designed to meet the unique needs of Middle School boys;
  • an involvement leading to an appreciation of the arts, fair play through athletics, and a commitment to serve one's community;
  • an environment that supports the socio-emotional needs of pre-adolescence and fosters health, wellness, and safety through an active Advisory and student leadership program; and
  • a commitment to the development of a positive relationship between school, family, and student through ongoing communication.
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