St. Andrew's College and the First World War

Includes the Honour Roll of those who died, a list of Old Boys and Master who served, Honours Awarded, articles on SAC and the First World War, a timeline, descriptions of Battles in which Andreans participated, and hundreds of individual biography pages.
The Honour Roll of 104 Andrean Old Boys and 2 Masters who died in the service of their country, with links to their individual biography pages.
Memorial and burial locations of Andreans who died in the First World War. A listing of the cemeteries and plots of Old Boys who died in World War I. For those who have no known grave, the memorial on which they are commemorated is listed. Where there are links to cemeteries or memorials, they are to specific maps and historical information on the Canadian Veterans Affairs website or the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.
A list of Andreans who received military honours for their service, including Captain James Auld, one of only 16 Canadians in the Canadian Expeditionary Force to receive two bars to the Military Cross. The award citations are included on the biographies pages for most of these recipients.
A list of the 653 Andreans who served in the First World War with links to hundreds of individual biography pages.
Andreans served in virtually every element of the First World War on land, on the sea and in the air and in the Canadian, British and Americans forces. These pages are an attempt to list Andrean service in the various elements and branches.
A list of the 21 St. Andrew's College masters and staff who served in the military in the First World War, with links to several individual biography pages. It includes two who were killed in action and died of wounds, and one who eventually became an Air Commodore in the Second World War.
A partial list of Andrean Old Boys and Master who served with our affiliated unit, the 48th Highlanders of Canada during the First and Second World Wars.
"The First World War and St. Andrew's College"
First printed in the St. Andrew's College Review, June 1919 Memorial Issue, this article was written by Senior Master Percy J. Robinson, one of the first masters at S.A.C. who stayed for 48 years. It is a poignant reminder of the impact the war had on the much smaller school of the day.
A timeline of events related to St. Andrew's College and the First World War. Of special note is August 15, 1917 when four Andreans were killed in action or missing and presumed dead after the opening attack on Hill 70.
Descriptions of some First World War battles in which Andreans participated.
St. Andrew’s immeasurable contribution to the Great War.
This year marks the centennial of the start of the Great War, where, between 1914-1918, over 600 Andreans fought and 104 Old Boys and two masters lost their lives.

Article by David Stewart, Head, Department of History and Social Science, as appears in the Fall 2014 Andrean.
Facts about Andreans in the First World War.
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