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Under the leadership of the Food Services Director, Grace Wyvill, our Food Services team provides good quality, nutritious, and tasty meals. Grace and her talented staff have revolutionized the nutritional content and culinary offerings at St. Andrew's College over the past few years.

Our mandate and commitment is to ensure good nutrition is an essential part of school life, while promoting the health and well-being of the students at St. Andrew’s College and fostering a lifetime of good eating habits.

The team consists of Grace Wyvill, Davide Pontone, Executive Chef, and Nancy McMurray, Assistant to the Director, Bertrand Yeung, Sous Chef, three First Cooks, and 21 full and part-time kitchen staff. This team provides almost 1,400 meals a day, which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and evening snacks in the dining hall. Staff is well trained in cooking and preparing for large numbers of people, and catering to a variety of school events and meetings.

Executive Chef Davide Pontone designs and creates well-balanced menus on a weekly basis in order to keep the meals fresh and upgraded. Menus are continually being developed and customized for special events. Students are offered a wide range of cuisine choices, freshly steamed vegetables, fruit salad, and an impressive salad bar with both lunch and dinner.

The team provides three meals per day, operating seven days a week. Wherever possible, fresh and local products are used for all meals. They take great pride in the homemade fare prepared daily. The dedicated team also produces fresh dessert trays, fruit trays, and sandwiches on a daily basis.

A variety of herbs and greens are grown by our staff in the St. Andrew’s greenhouse and picked daily to enhance the deliciously prepared meals.

Meals have three protein choices, including the vegetarian option. They are accompanied by a starch (including whole grains) and assorted fresh vegetables.

Fresh salad and sandwich bars provide additional options, in addition to the choice of two soups.

Often there is a theme meal or guest chef presented. Some examples are: British Invasion, Hawaiian, Chinese New Year’s Celebration, Italian, French, etc. These dinners have proved to be very popular among the students, faculty, and staff. New themes and ideas are created regularly; suggestions are welcome from our community.

Often introduced are pasta, taco, potato, and deluxe sandwich bars, for weekend meals in particular, as well as during the regular meal times. Omelette bars are a treat for brunch on a Sunday morning and a big hit with all students; on occasion they are offered during the school week as well.

In the event of a medical condition or allergy, special diets are accommodated on an individual basis.
The School has food committee meetings, which invite a group of interested students and staff to discuss all things food related. All comments and suggestions are welcome at any time.

St. Andrew’s College Food Services is a recipient of the York Regional Eat Smart Award, in recognition of its high standards in food safety and nutritional offerings. This province-wide program is in partnership with the Canadian Cancer Society and the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

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  • Photo of Grace Wyvill

    Grace Wyvill 

    Director of Food Services
    (905) 727-3178 x251
  • Photo of Nancy McMurray

    Nancy McMurray 

    Assistant to the Director of Food Services
    (905) 727-3178 x250
  • Photo of David Pontone

    David Pontone 

    Head Chef
    (905) 727-3178 x323
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