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St. Andrew’s College is not shy about using technology. Laptops were introduced to the faculty in 2002 and to all students in all grades in 2003. Today, each student is provided with the latest Fujitsu LifeBook T Series convertible tablet to facilitate the completion of all coursework. All classrooms are digitally equipped. Students take notes, receive and submit assignments, access handouts and supplementary web materials, and collaborate with teachers and fellow students through a campus-wide wireless network.

Highly Experienced Faculty

Our faculty are recognized as leaders in the use of technology in the classroom. School's visit and call from locations around the world to learn from our extensive experience integrating computers into the classroom. Faculty members are eager to apply new software, new data collection devices, new information sources, and new media to the classroom setting to better serve the needs of boys and create an unforgettable school experience.

Tablets and OneNote - A Winning Combination

The tablets allow students to utilize the pen function of Microsoft OneNote and create a virtual binder for every course; these notes can now include handwritten notes, typed written text, diagrams, photographs, scanned to email pages, screen shots, and even audio and video recordings. Nothing gets lost; everything is backed up and it all fits inside the laptop! Content can then be easily searched, organized, and shared. Every subject has incorporated the use of the tablet system and internet into its requirements, allowing students to do work sheets, brainstorming, create outlines, write and type notes, and annotate digital text all on their tablets. Students feel more organized than ever.

Wireless Campus

Every area of the School is on the wireless network. Students roam around the campus from classroom to classroom, the Staunton gallery, the Towers Library, the squash courts, the residences and all the open spaces near a building and they are able to log onto the network, read their email, do their homework, and surf the Internet. It is all convenient, secure, fast, and reliable.

High Tech Classrooms

Every classroom is equipped with a wireless access point, a projection system, clicker technology, and a printer. The move from laptops to convertible tablets has resulted in a dramatic reduction in printing. Now that students can both type and write on their computers, the perfect educational tool is now in their hands.

Help Desks

There are two Help Desks available for student and faculty use, one in the Middle School and one in the Upper School. Both are managed by trained IT staff ready to take care of any tablet concerns, including hardware and software repairs. Any damage to a laptop, whether a warranty failure or an accident, is handled onsite by our technicians. Most laptops are repaired within an hour. Students get the highest level of service possible.


Each tablet is equipped with a battery capable of five plus hours of life. Students can take advantage of the battery exchange program through the Help Desk where they can swap depleted batteries for a fully charged one. As a result, all students and faculty members are able to use their tablets during the academic day without the inconvenience of power cords or network cables.

Three-Year Refresh

In order to provide our students with the most modern and efficient technological resources, St. Andrew’s guarantees that every three years tablets are replaced so students will have access to the best state-of-the-art computers. A student starting in grade 5 will have used at least three new tablets during his career at SAC. By enforcing this aggressive policy, your son will never use an obsolete computer or outdated software.

A Wealth of Software for Every Student

Student tablets are installed with numerous software programs that will be used throughout the academic year. These programs include: OneNote, Edsby, FirstClass Email, Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, SecondCopy Backup, and a wealth of online subscriptions through our library.

A Wealth of Software for Every Subject

In order to meet the needs of specific courses, specialized software is made available for subjects such as, accounting, drama, English, geography, math, media arts, modern languages, music, and science. This specialized software includes:  Simply Accounting; Graphmatica, Fathom, GeoGebra, Graphmatica, and Green Globs for math; Java, JavaScript, and SolidWorks for computer science and engineering; ArcGIS, Fugawi, and Google Earth for geography; Rosetta Stone and Etudiant for modern languages; Adobe Creative Clound including InDesign, and Illustrator for media arts.

Online Textbooks

This is becoming more of a reality. A few courses have done away with their textbooks altogether, and some teachers have compiled a course syllabus of handouts and internet resources. A few other courses still have students buy textbooks, but now they come with access to an online version with videos and animation. The use of online textbooks is an emerging trend, and our teachers are at the forefront to explore the best educational resources available for boys.

Online Access to Information

Faculty and administration use Edsby to provide pertinent information to parents and students concerning assignment deadlines, a summary of daily lessons, upcoming events, student financial statements, attendance records, and grades.

Summer Use

Returning students all take their tablets home during all holidays until they graduate, so they have their tablets with them 12 months of the year until the end of grade 12.
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