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(Back, l-r) Sarah Smith, Ryan Bryce ’05, Tejus Ajmera ’00, Bruce Chin ’90, Mark Etherington ’92, Michael Hogg ’72, Scott Cole ’80, Myles Pritchard ’77, Nicholas Weedon ’02 (Middle) Michael Choi ’99, Bob Williams ’64, David Joiner, Victoria Calverley, Mark Fell ’87, Rodger Leslie ’82, Melissa Ramon, Beth Carter, Len Gurr, Scott Hayter, Greg Reid (Front) Bill Graham ’53, Terri MacLean, Kevin McHenry, Dan Stock, Dem Rogers ’59, Julie Symmes, Sandy Munro ’70

Board of Governors
The Board of Governors sets policy and delegates to the Headmaster and faculty the task of implementing such policies. Board members give generously of their time to serve St. Andrew's College.

Dan Stock, HBA
James C. MacPhersonBA, LL.B., LL.M.
Tejus Ajmera '00, BA
Board Member
Victoria Calverley, MBA, CPA
Board Member
Beth A. Carter, BA, CPA
Secretary to the Board
Michael Chadsey, BA. M.Ed
Faculty Board Member
Scott Cole '80, P.Eng., B.A.Sc.
Board Member
John Dunlap '88, B. Comm, MBA
Board Member
Geewadin Elliott, BA
Board Member
Whitney Elliott, BA, B.Ed.  
Faculty Board Member
Mark K. Etherington '92, BA
Board Member
David Joiner, MSc, PhD,B.Ed., B.Sc
Faculty Member
David Lawrence '81 BA
Chair, SAC Foundation
Rodger Leslie ’82BA
Board Member
Nathan LuoBA
Board Member
Ian Michael '92, BA, LL.B
Board Member
Terri MacLeanLL.B, BA
Board Member
Kevin R. McHenry, B.BA.(Hons.), B.Ed., M.Ed.
Head of School
C.A.F. Sandy Munro '70, BA
Board Member
Donald M. Rogers '59
Board Member
John F. Rook '64BA, LL.B.
Board Member
Julie I. SymmesR.N.
Board Member
Bill Yuill '57
Board Member
Martine Kolm, BA
Parents Guild President
St. Andrew's College
15800 Yonge Street, Aurora, ON L4G 3H7 Canada
Tel: 905-727-3178