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In January 2009, the Administration decided to strengthen its efforts to make SAC a greener place. We wanted to build on the momentum of student projects and initiatives led by SAGE, such as, banning plastic water bottles on campus, instituting a no-idling policy, using recycled paper, and banning pesticides on the grounds. In short, we wanted a plan for making St. Andrew’s College “the greenest place possible."

To do so, we created a multi-stakeholder Environmental Task Force, comprised of faculty, staff, administrators, parents, and students, which was tasked with developing an Environmental Plan that includes short, medium, and long term goals for greening the School. The Task Force was formed in January 2009 and completed its work in December 2014.

The Environmental Plan is organized into four categories which focus on different aspects of the School. They are: Education and Curriculum, Community and Communications, Physical Plant and Facilities, and Operations. Over the year, the Task Force and working groups met several times to explore ideas, costs, and benefits of several strategies for greening of the School.

The ambitious plan has achieved great success including a 25% reduction in energy consumption, a 45% increase in recycling rate, a 30% reduction in paper consumption, and a 15% reduction in carbon footprint/greenhouse gas emissions. To read more about how SAC accomplished its greening mission, click here.


We take pride in the School's commitment to environmental stewardship as an important component of our overall mission to "the development of the complete man, the well-rounded citizen." Being a good citizen means working for the betterment of our world, locally and globally and in line with SAC's new Environmental Creed, we want to inspire positive environmental change for sustainable living within our school community and beyond.
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